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Welcome to the Oredigger Network!


The Oredigger Network connects businesses and professionals with Mines alumni, employees and students, enriches the preparation and experiences of aspiring leaders and serves to welcome and orient new members to our community. We invite mentors to lend their time and expertise to Mines students, employees and alumni; connect with current Orediggers to help grow their knowledge and network in ways that are proven to energize their professional careers; and offer an enriching and supportive mentor-led community.

What is the Oredigger Network?

  • A rare-access online community where business professionals, industry leaders, alumni, faculty/staff and others volunteer to individually mentor, or be mentored by, members of the Oredigger community.
  • For Orediggers, by Orediggers. This network is built and supported by contributions from members of the Mines community. All Mines community members are invited to participate as either a mentor, mentee or both.
  • A resource for today and tomorrow. Mentees can connect to a mentor who can answer their questions, get to know them and offer advice and guidance on everything from career next steps to college course selections. Once inside the network, you’ll also have access to more resources, professionals in your industry and company recruiters.

Three reasons to join

  • Grow your network with ease. The Oredigger Network is a virtual community matching students, alumni and faculty/staff with peers, colleagues, industry professionals and others—all via one-to-one virtual meet-ups.
  • It’s a proven way to improve your career prospects (today and into the future). Knowing someone inside an industry or organization—or with connections within an organization—dramatically improves the likelihood of landing an interview and a job. And once employed, employees with a mentor are twice as likely to be promoted as those without.
  • Orediggers helping Orediggers. Opportunity to engage with campus, share your expertise, gain new skills and achieve your professional or personal goals.
The Oredigger Network and the opportunities it offers is funded by a generous gift from Phillips 66.
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