Welcome to New Faculty Extended Onboarding!


Mentorship is essential to new faculty success and development. "Because mentorship can be so influential in shaping the future STEMM workforce, its occurrence should not be left to chance or idiosyncratic implementation. (NASEM 2019)" This mentoring group, New Faculty extended onboarding, will provide you with access to highly successful mentors on topics relevant to your success as a Mines faculty.

New faculty extended onboarding is a cohort experience that extends over 2 semesters; you'll be learning the ropes with all of the other new hires! In addition to being paired with an experienced mentor at Mines, you will also have monthly workshops with your cohort on a different topic critical to your success. These workshops will be facilitated by an expert mentor from the Mines community. 

Research shows that having a faculty mentor can double your odds of professional success!

What is extended onboarding?

When it comes to successfully onboarding new employees, traditional orientation just isn’t enough to adequately engage new hires and get them off to a fast start. Extended onboarding is a continued employee learning program integrated with on-the-job experiences to provide maximum learning impact. Extended onboarding mentors provide support and guidance regarding the day-to-day aspects of working at this organization, but they will also be there to offer encouragement and help with integration into the campus culture. 

Why a cohort?

A cohort is a group of people who work through a curriculum together to achieve the same learning outcomes. Cohorts have a richer learning experience due to the multiple perspectives offered by the group. Cohorts help new hires build a peer support network. The purpose of new faculty orientation is to help welcome the new hire and reaffirm their decision to join the university. It provides our new employees with a group of reliable, motivated, mentors for their basic questions regarding the work experience and culture at Mines. 

Mentorship is a catalyst capable of unleashing one's potential for discovery, curiosity, and participation in STEMM. - NASEM 2019

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